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What Is A Moneyline In Sports Wagering?

Understand your options before placing a bet on a Moneyline

Placing a moneyline bet in sports wagering is one of the most common ways to bet and it is one of the easiest. Basically, you pick a team or player to win. If they do, you win money. That’s it. You do not have to fuss with point spreads, over-unders, propositions or futures which all require a much more involved process when determining where to place your money.


So, what’s the catch?


While moneyline sports wagering is easier and it is considered a traditional way of betting for a number of sports, the payout can be a bit confusing and you have to operate off of the Vegas odds.


With a moneyline bet you will see a (-) sign aligned with a number next to the team that is expected to win. That team is called a favorite. You will see a (+) sign and a number next to the team that is expected to lose. That team is called the underdog. The payout against the wager is determined by these numbers on either side of the moneyline. You can wager on either side but the payout for the win is not equal.


Here’s an example:

Let’s say the Chicago White Sox are expected to win in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The “favorite” Chicago White Sox are (-150) and the “underdog” Pittsburgh Pirates are (+150) on the moneyline. If you wager $100 on the underdog Pirates and they win, your payout is $150 plus your original wager of $100 = $250. If you wager $100 on the favorite White Sox and they win, your payout is around $100 (not $150) plus your original wager. The payout is less for the favored team because it is considered the better team. The bottom line is that you have more money at risk betting on the better team but they are more likely to win.


While Vegas usually sets the odds in traditional sports wagering, there is an alternative way for you to set the odds giving you more flexibility with your money. The PostitPlayit app is an alternative to traditional sports betting because you can disagree with the oddsmakers and determine your own odds. You set your own line, select your teams and create your challenges. You also only spend 3% of your total dollar amount on a wager meaning that you can take on more challenges and wagers for less money than traditional sports wagering.


Create a PostitPlayit account now and take control over your sports wagering.