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Ways to Make Money Through Online Sports Betting

How to cash in on sports betting without ever placing a wager


The typical way to engage in online sports betting is to set aside some money, do your homework with the stats, place your bet then enjoy a win or mourn a loss. But, what if you could enjoy the thrill of online sports betting without ever placing a bet? It’s possible! PostitPlayit has some suggestions on ways to get your feet wet with sports betting before you take the full plunge.


Become an affiliate
If you are a great marketer, or just have plenty of passion to promote online sports betting, then sportsbooks are willing to pay you to help them drive business. Most online betting sites have affiliate programs that essentially let you earn a commission for driving customers to their sites.


Become your own sports betting the brand
If you can gain the credibility and the audience, you can create your own brand and start cashing in on the online sports betting industry with just your knowledge. Decide your niche, become active in sports betting groups online and on social media, create content to share and offer tips to those who are betting. The caveat here is that you have to know your subject. This will take time to gain the trust of an audience, but eventually, you can build that following. Once you have some loyal fans you can begin to monetize your site and your advice. Some sites will pay you to provide information and tips through their brand. You can also create contests and eventually find other ways to capitalize on your brand without placing a single bet.

Join a sports betting contest
Sports betting contests are fun and they can be a great way to get some starter cash to bet for real. Many sports betting contests do not use real money but instead, run the contests on imaginary monetary units. Research the different contests to see what you like. Then, try one. If you do well and keep participating, eventually that imaginary money becomes real money. Be aware that some of these contests come with a catch – like you may have to spend the money that you make with the sportsbook that is hosting the contest.

Betting through PostitPlayit
Money that you do not spend is money that is still left in your pocket which is why joining the PostitPlayit platform for online sports betting is one way to make some cash while keeping more of your own. While you do bet with real money, you only wager 3% of your total dollar amount so you are getting some betting power for free. The peer-to-peer platform lets you choose your sports challenges then set your own odds. The cash you win is yours to keep or available to use in another challenge.