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Top 10 Sports Handicappers

Know who they are and why sports handicappers matter in sports wagering.

It might seem on the surface that sports betting is just a game of chance but don’t tell that to the world’s top sports handicappers who make a lucrative living as masters of prediction. Sports handicappers are utilized because they have a higher level of knowledge about teams, players and games and a reputation for success that hard-core sports bettors utilize to place their wagers.

Sports handicappers use a combination of gut instinct, raw data, player insight, weather conditions and mounds of statistics to make their predictions that bettors use before dropping money on a wager. While betting through a sports handicapper comes at a price, you can gain insight from their expertise by learning what they have to say even if you make your own predictions and set your own lines through a non-traditional platform like PostitPlayit.

But who can you trust? Here are the top 10 sports handicappers as determined by their success, reputation, and other sports industry experts.

  1. Johnny Banks

One of the top-ranked sports handicappers in the world is Johnny Banks who has helped fill many bank accounts with his picks. He is consistently ranked as a sports handicapping champion around the world and is popular for his packages that attract the high-end bettors.


  1. Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy Boyd has a reputation for consistency. He is praised for his analytical skills and his ability to win against point spreads and make accurate predictions. Boyd has even scored big with 70-percent profit margins in NFL season predictions.


  1. Trev Rogers

When it comes to football predictions, Trev Rogers is a name that you will hear often. He is one of the top handicappers when it comes to football because of his consistent success and huge wins that often make sportsbooks pale in comparison. While many handicappers manage multiple sports, Rogers is solely focused on one which is one of the reasons his talent is practically unmatched when it comes to football games.


  1. Steve Fezzik

The online betting circuit looks to Steve Fezzik because of his unique approach to making predictions. Fezzik uses his head more than his gut for his picks. He focuses on the math behind the betting game and builds his strategies that way. So, when some traditional handicappers might place bets on a team, Fezzik bets on a specific player.


  1. Brandon Shively

Brandon Shively’s technical knowledge when it comes to football and basketball predictions is what makes him one of the top sports handicappers out there. His 65-percent win average didn’t happen by accident. He analyzes sports handicapping trends and puts his years of experience to good use making him one of the most sought-after experts in the industry.


  1. Steve Merrill

Every sports handicapper has a unique skill that is leveraged for their predictions and for Steve Merrill it is his ability to do impeccable prep work. Merrill goes the distance to do his homework before every game prediction. He does in-depth statistical analysis and relies on his experience to make logical picks to bet against the point spread and win. He has a solid reputation in the sports betting industry.


  1. Art Aronson

If there was a popularity contest among sports handicappers you can bet that Art Aronson would be at the top – as much for his pleasant smile and genuine disposition as for his solid predictions. He is considered a safe handicapper but his simplistic approach brings him wins across multiple sports. His predictions are based on statistical analysis and factors like weather conditions for his winning formula.


  1. Matt Fargo

When it comes to a well-rounded sports handicapper, few are better than Matt Fargo. He is proficient and successful in a wide variety of sports and has a solid reputation for wins. Fargo uses a combination of knowledge and obsession with sports as well as statistical tools to formulate his predictions and his process works.


  1. Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter applies a great deal of ethics behind his predictions which has earned him a loyal following and made him one the most trusted names when it comes to sports handicapping. Hunter critically analyzes all factors in his predictions from player injuries and technical skills to team dynamics and ground conditions. Bettors trust the knowledge behind his selections.


  1. Ben Burns

One of the biggest names in the sport handicapping industry is Ben Burns who is known for his longevity in the business and his big wins. He applies various strategies to target his predictions and is a top name used by high-rollers placing big bets on a range of sporting events.

While sports handicappers know their craft and their predictions are important to consider, using one as a service for betting is not for everyone. You can rely on your own analysis and skills with an app like PostitPlayit and even set your own lines when you place your bet. You can select your teams and your challenges and even invite friends to play against you in peer-to-peer competition. You also get more for your money by avoiding the steep fees associated with traditional sports wagering and since your wager is only 3% of your total dollar amount more challenges are possible for the money that you would otherwise be throwing away.


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