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Top Gambling Destinations Around the World

Betting hubs draw gamblers looking for the ultimate experience


When gamblers are looking for the ultimate experience it is hard to beat the flash that comes with high-rolling casinos that are usually located in the world’s most glamorous destinations. From sports betting to rolling the dice, here are the top gambling destinations waiting for you to place the next bet.


Las Vegas, Nevada
Few destinations have a gambling reputation like Las Vegas. It has earned its place on the top of the list with more than 70 casinos on the four-mile stretch, “the strip,” that never sleeps. All types of gambling thrive in Las Vegas and it is one of the top places for sports betting.


Monte Carlo, Monaco
The gambling scene in Monte Carlo is more elegant and more laid back than Vegas. It is the top gambling destination in Europe and perhaps attractive to the more sophisticated gamblers because of its subdued presence. While Monaco is home to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix there are no sports betting allowed, but there are many other gambling venues in the small country.


San Jose, Costa Rica
Costa Rica makes the list primarily for its attractive exchange rate which is a handy incentive for gambling in a foreign country. The city of San Jose has more than 30 casinos in the central city so it is easy to find a spot to place your bets.


Singapore gambling is mainly in casinos versus sportsbooks. Gambling was legalized in Singapore in 2005 but there are still tight regulations when it comes to sportsbooks. Casino resorts are the way to do Singapore if you make the trip to gamble. The mega-resorts have everything on-site from clubs and restaurants to entertainment and of course, the gambling tables so you never have to leave.


Atlantic City, New Jersey
While New Jersey has seen its share of casinos opening and closing over the last few years it is still a top destination when it comes to gambling. It is surrounded by entertainment options and Atlantic City is seeing a bit of a revival. Expect to an expansion of gambling options soon in the New Jersey casinos as the state rolls out new plans and regulations for sports betting.


Reno, Nevada
It is no surprise that Reno makes the list as the second Nevada city to draw gamblers to its destination. Sports betting is big in Reno with sportsbooks in almost every casino and large HDTVs on-site for which to watch big games unfold in real-time.


Macau, China

Macau is considered by many to be the gambling capital of the world. It is the only city in China where gambling is allowed so you can imagine the scene is hopping. They have pretty much everything when it comes to gambling except variety in sports betting options. There is only one sportsbook available. Beyond just the betting, Macau is tops because of its exotic and over-the-top ambiance in the casinos and in the city.


London, England
London holds the title for the easiest place to gamble. If you are over the age of 18 you can place bets in a casino or with a sportsbook. There is a range of gambling options in London from high-end casinos to low-key casual casino that can be found on almost any street.


Aruba is a great destination for gamblers who can hit the beach during the day and the casinos at night. Aruba has a 24/7 gambling scene and hotels that have easily-accessible machines for sports betting.