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Mistakes Made by Novice Sports Bettors

Why sports betting is a learned skill

Learning how to hone your sports betting skills takes time. Practicing on a platform like PostitPlayit, where you only use 3% of your total dollar amount makes sense as you learn the ropes. It also helps to know some of the most common mistakes made by novice sports bettors so you know how to avoid them.


Not Managing Your Money
Sports betting isn’t much fun when you are not making money, or worse yet, running out of it. Create an account for the money that you plan to use for sports betting and determine the amount of risk that is comfortable for you when you place a wager. Stay on top of your accounts and stay consistent with your bets. That means, don’t get over-confident when you have a winning streak and bet significantly more. Likewise, don’t start betting more like a frustrated reaction to a streak of losses.


Betting with the Public

It is only natural to side with the favorites and feels safe betting with popular opinion. This practice can be dangerous because it is easy to over-value a team just because they are favored and miss important considerations, like home field advantage, that could change your opinion when you take the time to make an educated assessment. When it comes to sports betting you need to look at how much money is on one side of the game versus the other. The team getting the fewer bets is a better value. This is just one of the many factors to consider before placing a bet.


Burning out

Sports betting is a mentally grueling endeavor. It is easy for even experienced bettors to burn out. If it is no longer enjoyable or your emotions are taking control of your head game then it could be time for a break. Avoiding burnout could be as simple as developing a post-betting ritual that has nothing to do with sports or wagering. Find something enjoyable that relaxes your mind to shift your focus and plan short periods of time to de-stress. It will allow you to come back on the next bet more focused and keep you in the game long-term.


Reacting to Trends

Trends are unreliable and novice sports bettors react to them because they do not know any better. Just because a team won its last five games does not mean they will win the sixth. Trust historical data over short-term trends. Give yourself a wider sample of statistics to analyze because that will show a more accurate picture of where you should place your money.


Find Your Strengths
The sports betting game is best evaluated over a long period of time. Patience and strategy should drive your decisions and time will allow you to recognize and develop your strengths. The key is to place the best wagers that you can, not as many as you can. If you want to develop your skills perhaps you bet on the games and the sports that are not the most prominent. Since there is less information available on lower-tier sports you must rely more on your own skills. This learning curve will help you when you bet on the bigger games. A platform like PostitPlayit is ideal for honing your skills since you can create peer-to-peer challenges on many types of sports and games and use your skill and knowledge to drive your wagers.

As you improve your sports betting skills it is important to know that even the experienced sports bettors make novice mistakes from time to time. Practice and patience and knowing the potential pitfalls ahead of time can help you.

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