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How to Make Your Best Picks in Sports Betting

Landing the big hits and avoiding the misses takes practice

The reason sports betting is so attractive is that beyond the thrill of the competition there’s a chance to win some money. But most sports bettors know that the celebration of great wins cannot happen without the disappointment of sour losses. PostitPlayit has some tips for making your best picks.


Look at the small things
If you find that your sports picks are not working for you it is likely not big issues that are causing the problem. It’s the small things. Most bettors are only focused on the big picture. If you are in a streak of losses you might be overlooking some sports betting fundamentals. Get back to the basics and reevaluate your strategy. You might find that you are overlooking some basic principles when it comes to making your picks.


Take control of your betting know-how

You are the only person who can make you money while sports betting. Get your head in the right space and understand the basic concepts of betting, types of bets, types of odds and what to do with that information. Making good picks can make you money but if you are not making bets with solid knowledge, eventually, even the lucky bettors will lose.


Put in the time

Like any other life lesson, no one gets granted with wins and cash in sports betting without putting in the time and the money to do it right and strategically. You can’t do that by just watching sports games from the couch. Making solid picks means investing time to study statistics, games and having money set aside that you are willing to risk.


Know how to lose

It’s going to happen. It’s angering, frustrating and the hole in your wallet just rubs it in. Understand that all sports bettors lose at some point but what separates the come-back kids from those who throw more money at bad knee-jerk decisions is the ability to manage a loss. Knowing how to lose starts with understanding that a loss or a streak of losses are inevitable.

Next, re-group and figure out if you missed something with your analysis. Finally, get back at it, strategically. Look at your success in the long-term, not the short-term. If you have a system that generally works for you, keep doing it. If you find ways to improve your skills then put in the effort to do that. It will pay off in the end.


Do your homework

This is sports betting 101 advice but even seasoned bettors get too comfortable from time to time especially if they are doing well. They forget the basics. Every game is a new dynamic and there will be factors that are different this time than the last. Doing your homework as diligently for your 100th bet as you do for your very first bet matters in the big picture. Collecting information to analyze each and every time will ensure that you don’t mistakenly miss something while making your picks.


A great way to test the waters with your picks is by joining challenges on the PostitPlayit peer-to-peer competition platform. Get your stats, choose your games and set your challenges. See how your picks stack up to others on the platform or invite your friends to play against you.