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How to Handicap Football

Why you don’t need to be an expert to handicap football

Most people, especially those who are new to sports betting, think you have to be an expert at handicapping in order to utilize the prediction method. That’s not true. While there are professional handicappers who know their skills well (and make a lot of money doing it), you do not have to be a high-level handicapper or a high-roller to learn how to do it.

If you want to learn how to handicap football you do need to know some basics and know what to do with the information that you collect.

1. Understand sports handicapping

Sports handicapping is when predictions are made about the outcome of games based on a number of factors like technical skill, weather conditions and mental focus of the team or individual players.

Why do these factors matter? Because of everything matters in a game. If a team that has players with exceptional technical skill on the field is playing a team that is not as technical, it matters. If a team that is playing on their home field in snowy conditions is playing a team that never sees snow and now has to contend with those field dynamics, it matters.

In order to handicap football, you have to understand all of the factors that can impact a game and collect statistics over a period of time that gives you insight into these varying factors.

2. Collect stats on teams and players

Thanks to easy internet searches, team and player statistics on just about everything is readily available. You can research injuries, season stats that go back several years, potential coaching changes and create your own formula for making a prediction. That’s the beauty of sports handicapping is that there is no “formula” involved, it is just your own skills and knowledge collected to make an educated prediction. You will also want to watch games and research and analyze game reports. Over time, you will begin to notice trends or identify the hurdles of teams and players.

3. Find your focus

All professional sports handicappers, while they all source many of the same statistics, each have a unique style in how they predict the outcome of games. Some handicappers use only team stats to make their predictions, others watch trends, and still, others place an emphasis on their gut feeling combined with the numbers on the papers. Find your own style and determine where you will place your focus on your own predictions.

4. Put your predictions into practice

Now that you know how to collect vital information to handicap football, it is time to put it into practice. Since the PostitPlayit platform relies on player skill, this is a perfect way to test your own predictions. The peer-to-peer competition between you and your friends or other like-minded people in the sports wagering community gives novice handicappers an ideal outlet for competition. Even if you are a little rusty at first, your PostitPlayit wagers are only 3% of your total dollar amount so your money goes farther. Over time you will notice your skills improving.

Create your PostitPlayit account now and get started perfecting your handicap football skills.