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How To Bet On Sports

Traditional and non-traditional sports betting options


Traditional sports betting involves placing wagers through a sportsbook that controls the odds. There are no other options like PostitPlayit that allow you to place wagers in peer-to-peer competitions that put you in control of the odds giving you a fun alternative to traditional sports betting. If you have never bet on sports before it is important to understand the basics so you know how to place your wagers. Here’s the 101 on how to bet on sports.


Pick your sports and teams

This is the fun part. The options are endless so you want to start with whatever sports interest you like football, basketball, baseball etc. Decide where you want to focus your efforts. If this is your first dive into sports betting, start simple with just one type of sport then expand as you become more comfortable with the system. Next, pick your teams within that sport. As a sports fan, you likely already have your favorites but you might want to add a few new ones based on season statistics of teams that are performing well. With an app like PostitPlayit you can eventually add personal competitions into the mix like your golf games or fitness challenges.


Choose your wager

There are various ways to wager on a sports challenge and sometimes there are various ways to wager on specific games.

  • Point Spread. One of the most common wagers is the point spread. This means you choose your team to win by a specific number of points more than the point spread or bet on the underdog to lose by fewer points than what is set on the point spread.
  • The money line wager is easier because you are simply betting on the winner of a game, not by any specific number of points. While this wager is less complicated, you will likely pay more to do this type of bet.
  • The propositions wager is based on something that will or won’t happen with specific players or teams during a game.
  • This is an over-under bet on the total number of points scored during a game.
  • The futures bet is one that is placed on an event that could happen in the near or distant future.


Place your bet
It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. In traditional sports betting this happens with a sportsbook for a fee and you place your bets based on the odds they set. There is now a non-traditional sports betting option with PostitPlayit where you are basically in control of placing the bet. You set the odds. You determine the amount you wager with no inflated fees and your bet on PostitPlayit is only 3% of your total dollar amount. This means more games for the money in your account and you set the odds, not someone else.


Understand the payout
The different types of wagers each have their own types of payouts so you will want to dive deeper into how the (+) and (–) of each type impacts your win or loss before you commit. If you are using a traditional betting sportsbook you will also need to calculate in the additional fees that are charged to determine your true payout amount. In the non-traditional PostitPlayit app you have sole control over your money and the transactions happen immediately when a challenge ends. You can log into your account from your desktop or mobile device anytime to see the real-time money in your wallet.

Know where to bet
There are a few options for placing bets and the most common way is the only way that most people know by placing wagers with a traditional sportsbook. While this is the traditional option there are some disadvantages and until now there were no other options. The inflated fees and lack of control over the odds with traditional sportsbook betting is a turnoff for many players and frankly, it takes the fun out of sports wagering. That is why players are turning to apps like PostitPlayit because it gives players more control. You control the odds and your wagers are only 3% of your total dollar amount so your money goes farther for games. Simply put, PostitPlayit puts the fun back into sports wagering.


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