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How to become a great sports bettor


Everyone has their reasons for getting into sports betting. For some, it’s a fun and challenging hobby. For others, sports betting is a mission to make a little cash and enjoy the thrill of competition. Regardless of your reasons, there is always room for improvement. Here are some tips to become a savvy sports bettor and boost your bottom line along the way.


Emulate sharp bettors
You’ve likely heard the term ‘sharp bettor.’ These are sports bettors who bank a lot of cash making predictions and know how to make smart picks. They do not possess some kind of special betting gene or are blessed with good luck. The only difference between you and them is the time they devote to the mission. Sharps spend all of their waking hours studying games, plays, understanding the match-ups and reviewing historical data. While you don’t have to take it that far as a casual sports bettor, if you want to improve your profit margin then you might want to emulate some of the habits that make them successful.


Don’t buy into parlays
Parlays are not reliable. That is because the risk involved with parlays far outweighs the payout. That means in the long run, if you use them, you are going to lose money. Parlays are great teasers – that is why many sportsbooks use them to entice sports bettors. But, while parlays might be attractive for some bettors if you are serious about improving your payouts then give them a pass because there are better ways to make money.


Ignore the final score
What? That’s right. Smart bettors know that the reason for the score is far more important than the final score itself. Upping your game and your bank account with sports betting means looking at how the two teams in competition arrived at the destination. Were there injuries? Was the running game extraordinary? Was the defense dominant causing a lack of scores by the offense? Was the kicking game on-point or suffering a bad week? You get the point. Your takeaway is that what happened during the game should be your compass when it comes to predicting the outcomes of future games.


Weigh the bet value

This requires a deeper dive into sports betting then you might be ready for but it is important to understand if your goal is to improve your profit margins versus betting for fun. It is easy to just bet on who you think will win or lose, but when you consider the value of the bet, that is when you can really leverage it. You determine value when you look at the betting line and compare it to your expectation for the outcome of the game. What kind of gap exists, if any? The answer will tell you if the amount you are wagering is worth the outcome that you expect from the investment. For example, if you think a team has a 40-percent chance of winning the game but the moneyline on the team is +155 then you might see the value of placing a bet on that team whereas a casual sports bettor is only focused on the expected win or loss. Analyzing the value of your bet will net you more income in the long run.


Want to test your skills? Put some of these tips into practice by starting peer-to-peer competitions on PostitPlayit now and bet on upcoming games to see how you do. Over time, increase your challenges as your skills improve.