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Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes That Most Newbies Make

Learn how to get some game when it comes to sports betting


Sports betting is not one of those things that you can fake your way through until you figure out how to do it right. That is a costly mistake. Instead, PostitPlayit wants to give you some tips to get you started on the right foot so that sports betting can be enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. Here’s a look at some of the most common mistakes that newcomers make and how to avoid them.


Betting with emotion
This is a tough one even for experienced sports bettors. With emotionally charged games, close calls and money on the line it is tough to put your head in charge of the decisions, but your win or loss depends on it. Newbies oftentimes place bets on a team because it’s been their favorite forever or they chase a lost bet with an angry attempt to make a comeback. While no one can blame you for the sentiment, emotional decisions won’t win you any money. Set the emotions aside and use hard facts to drive your sports betting decisions.


Picking the easy favorite
When you’re new to sports betting it is easy to follow the majority opinion. In fact, sports oddsmakers are counting on it order to line their wallets. Don’t fall for the easy favorite because it looks good in the odds. Newbies often fall for this because picking the favorite is far easier than doing the homework to determine factors that could impact the game. Take some time to put a little research behind your betting decisions.


Mismanaging money
Here’s the deal, don’t bet money that you cannot afford to lose. Newbies often neglect to consider the role that money management has in their new hobby. This is dangerous. If you are serious about sports betting then you should set a specific amount of money aside on whatever basis you can afford and use that as your betting stash. Starting this habit right away is the smart way to do it so that you always know where you stand with your funds.


Buying into the banter
Big games come with big hype. There’s a reason that sports betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry – the competitions come with a tremendous amount of banter to stir up the excitement and the bets. It’s easy for newbies to get caught up in this because of inexperience. Following the flood of commentary, and likely persuasive points for both sides confuse the issues and can result in knee-jerk reaction bets. Realize that sometimes the sportsbooks interject conversation in an attempt to drive bets a certain way. Don’t fall for it.


Putting too much stock in social media
Like it even needs to be said, but sadly, newbies often fall for outrageous bets that go viral on social media because on the surface it appears that’s the popular direction of people who seemingly know more than they do. What you have to know is that social media is a huge promotional vehicle for stakeholders who stand to make a lot of money off of inexperienced bettors. When you apply that skeptical filter to viral betting mentions it’s a bit easier to see the potential agendas at play. Your best bet is to take those things at face value only and follow your own research and predictions.  

Not tracking your bets
The game is over. Funds have been paid. You’re done, right? Not so much. Tracking your bets is one way to know if your research and strategies for predictions work. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing. This recommendation isn’t exclusive to newbies, in fact, many people who have done sports betting for a long time don’t do this. Keeping a history of your bets and outcomes give you an advantage for future bets.  


Overlooking historical match-ups
As your knowledge in sports betting grows and you learn about the factors to consider in skill-based betting you will discover that historical match-ups require a higher level of analysis. Newbies often ignore the significance of rival teams facing off and miss some of the key elements that go into the outcome. Teams that have history with one another have more mental, physical and emotional elements at stake in this competition versus others. Find out what history, if any, the two teams you’re considering have with each other.


Buying into promotions
They are called promotions because they are designed to bribe you into doing something or signing up for something. Newbies look at these attractive incentives for placing bets and often fall for them. While they usually are great deals on the surface they typically come with a catch in the form of clauses and disclaimers that can end up costing you money. For example, promotions through some sportsbooks offer big bonuses for signing up but they require that you make a certain number of bets before you can access any of your winnings. This notice to newbies is an old adage your mother probably said to you, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


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